I Know I'll Die A Copy

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O Allāh, I seek Your forgiveness for every sin that Your pen recorded and Your knowledge encompassed - every one that I have committed and that I am to commit until the end of my life. I seek Your forgiveness for all my sins: the first and the last, the intentional and unintentional, the few and the many, the minor and the major, the subtle and the noticeable, the past, the recent, the secret and the open and public - and all those I am to commit throughout my life.

O Allāh, I seek Your forgiveness for every sin of mine.

O Allāh, I seek Your forgiveness for every sin that pollutes what You have made pure, exposes what You have covered, or makes repulsive what You have beautified within me.

I seek forgiveness from You O Allāh, besides Whom there is nothing worthy of worship - the Living, the Self-Subsisting Sustainer of all the worlds. And I turn to You seeking forgiveness that increases with every blink of the eye and with every breath, that remains as long as You remain and lasts as long as You last; for Your Dominion will never - for all eternity come to an end, cease, or die.
O Allāh, accept this prayer, even though it is lacking.

I ask You to open every door of goodness, of blessings and mercy and guidance for everyone in that reads this, and for their parents, families, and all our brothers and sisters in our dīn. O Allāh, fulfill our needs, ease our affairs, expand our rizq and put blessings in it. Heal our sick and give strength to us Ya Rabb.

O Allāh, help the oppressed, grant them patience, grant them ease, grant strength and grant them a lasting victory.

O Allāh, make mine a prayer that meets Your acceptance and a request that meets Your blessing. Indeed You have power over all.

And shower blessings, peace and mercy on our master and chief - Muḥammad, the best of creation, and his family, with every glance and every breath, as many times as the number of all things encompassed within Your limitless knowledge.



“You might be married to the worst man ever - like Asyah a.s. was married to the Pharaoh but it didnt change her loyalty and love for Allah. You might be married to the best of men like the prophets a.s. of Allah and still not enter heaven - like the wife of prophet Lut a.s. You might not be married to any man, like Maryum a.s. and Allah can make your rank higher than any women on earth. Know your priorities, love and trust is with Allah first.”

“'Perhaps a fasting person will receive nothing but thirst and hunger.'”

—   Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him
Waiting excitedly for the 3am meal! Happy Ramazan!

Waiting excitedly for the 3am meal! Happy Ramazan!